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Seamless Move-In Experience Package (with Rent safely check included)

Seamless Move-In Experience Package (with Rent safely check included)

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Ensure a smooth check-in process and a safe contract with our Seamless Move-In Experience Package. With our Happy Check-In, you'll get a Dutchify agent assigned to give you feedback on your documents and help you organize the check-in. Your agent will accompany you to the check-in and draft a full report, independent of the realtor, to protect you from surprises during check-out.

What’s included:
- Safe Rental Check package is included
- Planning the check-in by Dutchify agent
- Negotiations by Dutchify agent
- Accompanied check-in
- Full detailed check-in report
- Advice on issues and how to deal with them
- Pairs well with Happy Check-Out
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