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Dutchify Coins

Dutchify Coins

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With Dutchify Coins, your unique currency for direct services at Dutchify, you may open the door to your wonderful Dutch life. For a seamless transition into your new Dutch life, the dutchify coins are made to make it easier for dutchify agents to do crucial tasks, such as house viewings, property offers, and other appointments, either on your behalf or in tandem with you.

Product Information:

  • Single Purchase: If you just want to test out what we offer or need to top out your account, go with a single Dutchify Coin.
  • Bundles: Select from our handy packages of 5 or 10 coins for greater value and all-around coverage.
  • Use: You can directly engage Dutchify agents to perform duties on your behalf by using each coin to send a Dutchify agent to an appointment, a viewing, or submit a bid on a property.
  • Non-Refundable: Please note that Dutchify Coins are non-refundable and non-transferable once purchased


  • Flexibility: Make use of the coins whenever it's convenient for you to use them for any of your moving activities.
  • Priority Service: Coins expedites and streamlines your relocation experience by giving you first dibs on reservations and response times.
  • Pay as you go: Use dutchify coins as the most flexible way to use dutchify agents to go to appointments, viewings and appointments on your behalf.

Dutchify Coins provide an adaptable and effective solution to handle your move, regardless of whether you're just getting started on your relocation adventure or require specialised assistance to enhance your current plans. Get your coins now and begin your journey to a trouble-free arrival in the Netherlands.


You can use a dutchify agent for selected events and appointments by purchasing dutchify coins, but you cannot use coins for back-office work, calling and scheduling for viewings, or other support and administrative responsibilities. If you want a more comprehensive service experience, please take a look at our service packages, which include a bundle of dutchify coins.

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